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Rise of Kingdoms Gameplay

Rise of Kingdoms Gameplay
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Conquer the whole world and write the history of your kingdom. “Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade,” also known simply as “Rise of Kingdoms,” is a popular mobile strategy game developed by Lilith Games. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. In Rise of Kingdoms gameplay, players take on the role of a civilization leader, guiding their chosen kingdom through various historical eras, from the early days of civilization to the Middle Ages. The game offers a combination of city-building, real-time strategy, and exploration elements.

“Rise of Kingdoms” is a real-time strategy game that takes place in a persistent, open-world setting. Players start as a civilization leader in the early stages of human history and progress through different ages, from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages and beyond. The ultimate goal is to build a powerful civilization, conquer territories, form alliances, and lead your kingdom to victory.

Rise of Kingdoms Gameplay

Players start by constructing and upgrading buildings within their city, managing resources, and researching technologies to advance their civilization. As the city grows, players can recruit and train armies led by powerful commanders, each with unique skills and abilities.

The world map is vast and divided into multiple territories controlled by different players or non-playable characters (NPCs). Players can explore the map, gather resources, attack barbarian forts, and engage in battles with other players in real-time to expand their territory and increase their influence.

Alliances play a crucial role in Rise of Kingdoms, allowing players to team up with others to share resources, support each other in battles, and participate in large-scale alliance events. The game also features a variety of events, challenges, and objectives to keep players engaged and encourage strategic thinking.

The Rise of Kingdoms provides a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience, blending city-building, strategic warfare, and cooperative multiplayer elements into an epic historical adventure.


60+ Heroes, 11 Civilizations, and Real Warfare

You shall write the history of your civilization from the abyss of obscurity to the heights of legend. Will you start great wars and take over the whole world? Or take the helm as a moral leader recognized for your cunning? Will you embark on an expedition of discovery into the uncharted? or commit yourself to supporting your own population?

Real-Time Combat

Battles take place on the map in real time rather than being predetermined. Real RTS gameplay is possible since anyone can enter or leave a combat at any time. Observe a friend being attacked in your own backyard? Send some troops to assist your friend, or make a surprise counterattack on the city of the assailant.

Seamless World Map

Seamless World Map

A single, sizable map that is home to both player and NPC characters serves as the setting for all in-game events. No distinct battle screens or discrete bases. You can freely switch between the global view and specific towns or barbarian outposts thanks to a feature called “infinite zoom” that has never been seen on a mobile device before. Natural barriers on the map include mountain ranges, rivers, and crucial passes that must be taken in order to access neighboring territories.

11 Historical Civilizations

11 Historical Civilizations

Select one of 11 historical civilizations (more to coming!) and lead it from a small band of people to a powerful empire. Every civilization possesses a distinctive architecture, distinctive units, and unique benefits.

Investigation & Exploration

Investigation & Exploration

Rise of Kingdoms’ setting is shrouded in heavy mist. Send scouts to investigate this enigmatic area and find its secret treasure. Investigate vanished temples, barbarian strongholds, enigmatic caves, and tribal settlements to learn more about your adversaries and get ready for the ultimate battle.

Troop Movements without Restrictions

Seamless World Map

There are countless strategic options available when new instructions can be given to the troops at any time. Launch a feint towards a rival city, then turn around and reappear with your force from your alliance to seize a pass. Send troops to a nearby forest to get timber, and have them kill a couple barbarian clans on the way. Additionally, forces can be divided among several commanders so that you can carry out several actions at once.

Alliance Network

Players can assist one another thanks to the full suite of alliance features, including the alliance chat’s built-in translation functionality, officer responsibilities, map markers for coordinating strategies, and more. Alliances have the ability to increase their area to gather resources, seize mountain passes and barbarian outposts to fortify their position, and cooperate to achieve common goals.

Conquer the Kingdom

Conquer the Kingdom

Join forces with your alliance to take over this sizable kingdom. In an MMO strategy battle royale, engage in combat with other players and employ winning strategies to prevail. If you succeed, the history of your kingdom will record you and your culture!

RPG Leaders

Call upon a myriad of historical characters, from Kusunoki Masashige and Joan of Arc to Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu, to act as your dependable commanders. Sending your commanders into battles and killing barbarians will level them up, and you can then use an RPG-style talent tree and skill system to increase their skills.

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