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Educational Toys for 12 Months Old Kids

Educational Toys for 12 Months Old Kids
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Educational toys play a crucial role in the early development of children. At 12 months old, children are actively exploring their surroundings and developing essential skills. When choosing educational toys, it’s essential to consider safety, age-appropriateness, and the child’s interests. Always supervise playtime, and remember that the most valuable aspect of any toy is the interaction and engagement it encourages between the child and caregivers.

Here are some educational toys that are suitable for 12-month-old kids:

1. HOLA Baby Toys for 6-12 Months Old

HOLA Baby Toys for 6-12 Months Old

Ideal for holding, grabbing, tapping, and strengthening a baby’s hand muscles. As your child crawls to catch the rattle ball, encourage it. sensory Play and discover sensory ball. Fantastic for 6 to 12 month old baby male or girl toys.

Made of high-grade ABS materials that are robust, smooth, free of burrs, non-toxic, and BPA. This is the greatest option for your baby’s development and health.

Baby would crawl after this cute ball toy. Toddlers like shaking this activity ball while listening to the sweet melody.

Children can play with this adorable and fascinating action toy safely and unattended without the supervision of their parents.

This exercise ball makes pleasant noises when it is shaken, which not only draws a baby’s interest but also develops his or her hearing.

2. Baby Toy Cars for 1-3 Years Old

Baby Toy Cars for 1-3 Years Old

Attract your baby’s attention with these adorable, vivid toy automobiles for 1-year-olds. Then pique their curiosity and encourage them to pursue the truck toys.

Consisted of two modes. Simply press the top of the baby car toys down, then release, and the car will move in the “press and go” mode. Pull back and cars will move ahead thanks to an integrated threaded gear on the back wheel. Teach young children how various motives operate with two motion modes!

Let your child learn while having fun with these brightly colored, unique moving tails, and various animal drivers!

Made of strong, long-lasting ABS. Burr-free, circular, polished edges that are completely kid-friendly.

Outstanding toys for boys aged 1, 2, and 3 that are lightweight, portable, and perfect for toddlers on the go!

3. Yetonamr Montessori Toys for 1-3 Years Old

Yetonamr Montessori Toys for 1-3 Years Old

High-quality, substantial hardwood pieces are included in toddler toys for young children so that small hands may easily grab the components and finish the stacking problem. The blocks are covered in food-safe paint that is non-toxic, odorless, and anti-fade, keeping your 1 to 3 year old boys and girls play safely. The edges of the Montessori sorting toy are smooth, and the pegs are solid. The huge, thick parts of this toddler toy, which are simple to handle and assemble, will be beloved by your kids.

The 20 pieces in this wooden sorting and stacking puzzle include blocks in 5 different colors and 4 different geometric designs. Young children benefit from it because it helps them improve their problem-solving, fine motor, and hand-eye coordination skills. Additionally, this puzzle gives young children the chance to expand their linguistic knowledge of colors, numbers, and shapes while also igniting their imaginations.

The geometric blocks are of the same size but come in various hues and forms. Children must sit and maintain balance while stacking the blocks in order to move their hands freely and determine which shape goes where. Your toddlers will benefit from this kind of activity since it will teach them to regulate their coordinated body motions while stacking and sorting objects. Your youngster can use the educational toy to practice shape and geometry, improve color recognition, and develop their sense of space.

4. Litand Soft Stacking Blocks for 1-2 Years Old

Litand Soft Stacking Blocks for 1-2 Years Old

12 PCS of Montessori toys for infants feature tactile and visual exploration as well as sides with animals, shapes, fruits, or numerals.

Baby bath toys are squeaky, easy to squeeze, and soft and sturdy.

Safe, soft, and kid-friendly materials and sizes.

A matching game, math including counting, and balance.

Children enjoy piling, knocking the stacker down, and then playing over and over again.

5. Yunaking Dancing Cat Toys for 12-18 Months Old

Yunaking Dancing Cat Toddlers Toys for 12-18 Months Old

Bright colors and the stylish cat form are excellent methods to grab a baby’s interest. When the dancing cat musical toys are turned on, they start to move, swing arms, jiggle hips, and shake their heads while playing silly music and soft light, luring your baby to run after them.

Ideal musical baby toys for 12 to 18-month-old girls, boys, and toddlers to help them improve their balance, thigh muscles, and gross motor abilities. Your child will adore it and have more fun with it!

Younger babies are encouraged to crawl by the flash light and upbeat music in the “PLAY MUSIC MODE.” ”DANCE MODE” teaches dance and rhythm to older babies. ”TALKBACK MODE” can communicate with your kid like a real-life talking cat. Additionally, the moving toy has a ”GO” mode that allows it to walk and spin in circles. and start dancing while the music is in the “STOP” mode.

The baby toys are manufactured of superior ABS plastic that is non-toxic, BPA-free, and has soft edges and safe operation. They are 100% safe and long-lasting.

6. BEST LEARNING Learning Cube Toys

BEST LEARNING Learning Cube Toys

With crucial images, sounds, melodies, and information, this instructive and interactive Cube does an amazing job of enticing, exciting, and rewarding their interest.

Including the alphabet, numbers, creatures, colors, imagination, creativity, music, dexterity, and motor skills.

With a separate function button on each of its six sides, this educational toy teaches the alphabet, numbers, colors, music, animal sounds, and musical instruments.

Both boys and girls who are young infants and toddlers. letter, number, and color song is sung! On the color side, LEDs in various hues light up.

7. Animal Island Preschool Learning System

Animal Island Aila Sit & Play Plus Preschool Learning System

In the AILA Sit & Play Plus, AILA Sit & Play is combined with the AILA Preschool 250 Words Book, which contains the whole A to Z image dictionary included in the AILA Sit & Play Virtual Preschool Learning System. Toddlers (12+ months) can watch the Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Original Series for preschoolers, which was created by educators and creatives for the critical early years of learning. It has no controls, no worries, no ads, no subscription fees, and free updates.

A teaching tool for parents to help build their children’s attention spans at a young age and to enhance cognitive development, early literacy, numeracy education, social skills, and emotional development throughout a child’s crucial formative years.

In the virtual preschool on Animal Island, toddlers can sing, dance, and learn the ABCs, 123s, colors, shapes, words, stories (over 60 storybooks), and music (over 20 sing-alongs) while spending time with their animal friends.

8. TOYVENTIVE Wooden Activity Cube Toys

TOYVENTIVE Wooden Activity Cube, Montessori Toys

This outstanding toddler educational toy set is intended to help 1 and 2 year olds acquire counting and math skills as well as color, pattern, and shape recognition via engaging, entertaining, and interactive play. These boy toddler toys will be passed down and end up being the most popular educational toys for children aged 1 and up.

The bead cube’s top and bottom can be separated and used individually for play. Additionally, for simple storage, the top flips over and fits within the box. This makes the entire wooden toy portable and a fantastic travel toy for toddlers.

It is a parent’s top option for educational toys for one-year-olds due to its sturdy wooden construction, fine craftsmanship, and water-based non-toxic paint finish.

Your child will spend hours playing with this infant development toy as it helps him to grow cognitively and kinesthetically.

9. Royebow Montessori Toys for 6 Months & Up

Royebow Toddler Montessori Toys for 6 Months & Up

Includes 12 easily graspable pieces in 4 different colors and a body shaped like an ankylosaurus. When the pieces were inserted into the dinosaur’s body, the mouth opened.

Through fine motor skill games, children develop their color recognition, sorting, and counting abilities. Use them for exercises in occupational therapy as well!

Toddler activities can be done indoors or outdoors with the Dinosaur because the parts fit in it easily.

For kids 6 months and older, there are excellent instructional toys. Made from durable plastic of the highest quality, free of BPA, and in compliance with the toughest international toy requirements.

10. BABYFUNNY Toys for 1 Year Old

BABYFUNNY Toys for 1 Year Old

The kid’s toy phone is cleverly made to divert babies’ attention and prevent them from stealing your phone. Keeping their eyes away from electronic screens is a smart idea. The kid’s phone has a scientifically controlled low volume to protect hearing and foster auditory development because it will be used close to the ear. Great first-year-old toys.

The infant cell phone toy contains 15 buttons and a variety of features, such as mobile mode, music mode, number mode, animal mode, and camera sound. Small fingers can easily push the touch-sensitive buttons and play, which helps kids build fine motor skills and teach number, animal, and cognitive skills.

The baby toys adhere to strict international safety requirements and are completely safe for your child because they are made of premium, BPA-free and non-toxic materials. The soothing light design promotes visual growth while protecting the baby’s eyes.

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